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4 principles for a more fruitful life

Landing - This means stop flying, come down to earth and make space in your day to be with yourself. Even if it is only for 15 minutes. Usually our minds are "flying". We are doing something and thinking about something else. We have hundreds of thoughts every day and most of them are the same. That's why I call this principle Landing.

Land. Stop. Take a few moments for yourself. You can do a meditation for as long a time as you set aside for yourself on the day. If you still resist the idea of ​​meditation, you can dedicate this time to writing - write down what you want to change I your life or your goals. You can also write about a present situation that you don't like. When you see the facts from the outside, it’s easier to have insights and see opportunities to either resolve conflicts or to achieve your goals.

Acceptance - It means recognizing the situation you are in. Accepting is essential if you are going through a difficult situation. Please note that accepting does not mean resignation.

We tend to fight and not accept or deny what bothers us. We don't accept the end of a relationship, we don't accept that the co-worker is the way he/she is, we don't normally accept people as they are, etc. When we fight and we are thinking "this could not have happened", "why he is so stupid", "I don't believe this is happening to me" - we are putting more tension into the situation. Tension over tension. How can you deal with what you deny? How can you find a solution for what you don’t admit as a reality? When we accept, that is, we recognize and face circumstances as facts, we start to see the situation with a different perspective. We learn to deal with it more appropriately and then we start to see opportunities for change.

Gratitude - It is scientifically proven that practicing gratitude brings countless benefits to your life. Practicing gratitude daily changes your focus. You come to appreciate and really recognize the good things in your life, and as you do, to feel happier. This does not mean seeing the world through rose-coloured speckles. It means a change of mind set.

We are continually focus on problems, on what is lacking, on what doesn't work and we complain a lot. This negative focus is acquired as a consequence of the media, which reinforces everything that is negative and devotes little or no time to positive facts. Often, it is also the way we were brought up that contributes to this mind set.

If you adopt appreciation as a daily practice in your life, you will soon see more that is positive than negative. Consequently, you will attract more good things. Remember: whatever you focus on increases. Test for yourself! But be genuinely grateful - that's what will make all the difference.

Learning - The only way to make your future more interesting than your past is by learning. Have you noticed that many people always talk about things from the past - remembering good times? This is because they probably don’t have enough interesting things they are doing in the present or ideas and plans for the future. They have stopped learning, innovating. It is import to highlight here that I am not referring to a group of people at a certain age and I don’t want to generalize this fact. People go through life differently. However, on average people stop learning at age of 35.

Keeping the mind active helps maintain a good memory, contributes to the brain's elasticity and makes us more resilient to deal with life’s changing circumstances. Read about a subject that inspires you, learn a new sport, a new ability, be curious. Dedicating time to the new brings energy, motivation and makes your life more interesting and you a more attractive person.

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