• Marli Mazon

Time for reflection

Atualizado: 17 de jun. de 2020

I have always believed that the humans are highly social beings. We enjoy spending time with each other, talking, sharing special moments and experiences. We are happier when we interact. In view of this, I believe that the social distance that is imposed on us at this moment (covid-19) will give us a great opportunity for reflection. Reflection that will be very particular and unique for each one of us. We can reflect on the distances that we have long wanted to shorten, but which for many reasons we have always left for tomorrow (meeting an old friend, spending more time with those we love, visiting a distant relative ...). We can also reflect on how far we are from our dreams, from the projects in the drawer, from our passions, from what really inspires us, from that place we wanted to visit so much ... We can also reflect on the distances we want to increase, relationships and habits that do us no good, beliefs and values ​​that no longer serve us. Who knows, maybe even distance yourself from the traumas of the past so that the future can be different. What distances do you want to decrease or increase in your life after we overcome this delicate situation?

Good reflection!

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